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Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement is carried out by means of prostheses.
Depending on the inside contents there are 3 types of prostheses:
1. with compact highly cohesive silicon,
2. with physiological solution,
3. with hydrogel;

The modern development of prostheses with compact highly cohesive silicon have brought that type of prostheses far ahead of the rest – they have the advantage to form different irregular shapes, they resemble most the feeling of touching real breasts, in case of rupture or cutting of the surface the silicon will not leak, they are implanted under the gland, not under the breast muscle ( as is the case with the prostheses with physiological solution), which allows better shapes and easier and less painful post-operative period. The prostheses vary in shape and size depending the needs and forms of the patient.

What should patients know before undergoing such an operation:

1. They should not be in their monthly period.
2. They should not take Aspirin at least one week before the intervention.
3. They should not eat nor drink starting from midnight on the previous day before the operation.
4. Usually they should consider staying one night at the clinic.
5. They should take with them bra made of elastic material, without busks and laces, which to wear on the day of leaving the hospital (after taking off the compressing bandage) and also during the month following the operation.
6. They should come with loose clothes, which can be easily put on.
7. Usually there are no strong post operative pains. The simplest painkillers are sufficient.





Liposuction is a technique used for sculpturing the body through suction of fats, which requires only minute cuts. It was developed in the middle of the 70s of the twentieth century by the French surgeon Dr. Illuz (to whom I had the honour of assisting personally several times in St Louis hospital in Paris). This technique is based on the fact that the number of fat cells in the human body does not change with weight variations, but the very cell gets bigger. Thus when a number of cells are sucked out of a certain body area they do not regenerate in time, but keep the number reached after the liposuction and in that way the new body shape is preserved. Here is the place to mention that it is impossible to suck out all fat cells from a certain area because there is a layer of fat tissue, the so-called useful fat tissue, which should be preserved and also that it is impossible (and not recommended) to suck out more than 2-3 litres of fat tissue per session, because there is a danger of electrolytic disbalance of the body.

Because of the above-mentioned facts we come to the following conclusions:
  • Liposuction is not an intervention aiming at reducing the weight of the patient, but shaping and sculpturing of the body!
  • In some cases when suction of bigger quantity of fat is required or when the patient is well on in years, in order to reach the final result more than one session is needed.

Besides you should know that:

1. The final result comes after 2-3 to 4 months after the intervention.
2. It is necessary to wear special tight compressing garments minimum 1 month after the operation- 24 hours a day!
3. Liposuction is not a method for losing weght after which you can eat everything in huge quantity, because even if you do not put on weight on the treated areas after uncontroled eating you will put on weight on the rest of the body, which leads to the perception that the fat tissue has moved from one place to another- something that is absolutely impossible.
4. On the days following the intervention there is a probability of dark spots and swellings on the treated areas, but the spots fade away within several days and the swellings- within several weeks.
5. The pain after the operation is light and resembles the pain when bruised - it can be relieved with the usual painkillers.



This term is used to designate the straining of the skin of the abdomen and the abdomenal muscles of women who have delivered a child, often including liposuction of the adjacent areas.

The scar is located in the lower part of the abdomen above the pubic area and is concealed by the underwear.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. It requires a preliminary shaving of the pubic area, at least one overnight at the hospital and also wearing a tight outfit during the following month.

It is possible to feel pain in the area of the abdomen for several days following the operation because of the stitches in the abdomenal muscles, however this pain can be relieved with usual painkillers.

Strenuous physical excercises can be resumed at least one month after the intervention.

What should patients know before undergoing such an operation:

1. They should get a tight elastic belt and wear it for 2-3 weeks after the intervention.
2. They should not take Aspirin one week before the operation.
3. They should not smoke at least two weeks before the operation.
4. They should consult an anaesthetist before the intervention.
5. They should undergo blood tests.
6. Drainage– removing on the following day together with the tightening bandage.
7. The stitches are taken out 10 days after the intervention
8. They should not not to take a shower within five days after the intervention in order to avoid wetting of the wound. /Alternative hygienic methods are recommended/.
9. They should avoid hard manual labour, lifting heavy objects and excercising for at least one month after the intervention.


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