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Lifting of the face means straining of the skin and wrinkles on the face together with straining of the muscles of the face. The cuts follow the skin flaps around the ears and in the hair, which in practice makes them invisible. Lifting may be performed together with fillers, laser resurfacing, dermabrasio and blepharoplasty depending on the needs and the surgeon’s decision. It is performed under general anaesthesia.
Presently, lifting of the forehead is hardly ever practised at all beacuse of the availability of BOTOX, which delivers the same result and is far easily borne by the patient. That makes the complicated endoscopic liftings of the forehead absolutely out of place.

What should patients know before a face lifting:

1. They should not smoke cigarettes at least two weeks before the operation.
2. They should not take Aspirin at least one week before the operation.
3. Compulsory stay at hospital – 24 hours.
4. Preliminary consultation with anaesthesist and blood tests.
5. After the operation there is substantial swelling and dark circles, which fade away after several days.
6. Wearing a special bandage may be necessary.
7. Patients should not wash their hair for several days after the operation /up to one week/ because of the scars on the skull.
8. The stitches inside the hair are taken out 14 days after the operation.
9. Patients should avoid dying their hair at least one month after the operation.


Blepharoplasty means surgical correction of the eyelids. It may be combined with laser resurfacing of the eyelids, fillers or lifting. When performed separately, it is executed under local anaesthesia. The upper eyelid is only lifted, while the lower one may include elimination of the fat pockets of the so-called `pockets under the eyes`. The cuts are made in the skin flaps and close to the eyelashes /of the lower eyelid/, which in practice makes the scars unnoticeable.

What should patients know:

1. They should not smoke at least two weeks before the intervention.
2. They should not take Aspirin one week before the intervention.
3. After the operation dark circles and swellings may appear but they fade away in several days. Cold compresses are recommended on the day of the operation.
4. The stitches and light plasters should remain for about five days and should be taken out afterwards.
5. Sometimes applying ophthalmic solutions or unguents is necessary.
6. If they wear contact lenses, they should not put them on from 7 to 10 days after the operation.

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