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Естетическа хирургия
Лазерна Терапия


Rhinoplasty means surgical modelling of the nose after traumas or because of an aesthetic need. There are different techniques depending on the initial and final result, depending on whether it is necessary to affect the bone part or just the cartilage one, whether it is necessary to reduce the nostrils, transplant a cartilage or implant a prosthesis. In aesthetic rhinoplasty the cut is made inside the nostrils and in that way no visible outside scars remain.
General anaesthesia is necessary for the classic rhinoplasty with influence on the bone structures. Provided that only a slight correction of the soft cartilage front part of the nose is to be made, local anaesthesia is possible to use.

What should patients know before undergoing such operation:

1. They should not take Aspirin one week before the operation.
2. For the general anaesthesia consulting an anaesthesist is compulsory prior to the operation.
3. Blood tests.
4. In case of general anaesthesia a one-night stay at clinic is compulsory.
5. After the operation dark circles around the eyes and on the cheeks appear, but they fade away after several days. There is no strong pain.
6. During post-operative period, tampons are inserted inside the nostrils, which remain for 2-3 days, and over the nose – a cast bandage, which remains for 10-14 days. The stitches resorb on their own.
7. Do not blow your nose during the following two weeks and sleep on tall, or more than one cushions.
8. Patients who wear glasses, especially heavy ones, should refrain from putting them on during the following 3-4 weeks.

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